FSC 3040 : Important Power Transmission Parts and Components

Federal Supply Class 3040 refers to Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipment including shaft straight, lever manual control, parts kit linear ac, gearshafts, ball joints, actuating cylinders, and more. It is part of Federal Supply Group 30: Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment. The transmission system of an aircraft transfers power from the engine to the main rotor, tail rotor, and other critical parts during flight. This blog will explain some of the important transmission parts from FSC 3040 and provide some details on each of them.

The first FSC 3040 part we will look at is the rigid connecting link. This part has an NSN 3040-00-005-7279 and is designed to be attached to a lever or control to assist in actuating remote mechanisms. They typically consist of cross-sectional shapes of either hollow or solid construction. Rigid connecting links are manufactured in 4 configurations. The first configuration is a one-piece item with or without holes in each end for bushings or bearings to be inserted. The second is another one-piece item with processed ends, usually for terminations. The final two configurations are two- and three-piece components that also consist of a body and end pieces.

Another part, the shaft collar, has an NSN of 3040-01-502-8526. This item is called a shaft collar because it is designed to be mounted around a shaft to limit axial movement of the shaft and its assembled parts. It is directly secured to a shaft, either by set screws, pins, or similar fasteners. A pilot hole drilled and pinned through the walls is an alternative method of securing. A similar configuration of the shaft collar exists, called the shouldered shaft assembly. This consists of couples, flanges, or similar components welded to a shaft.

A third component, the Pawl, is a catching device. It has the NSN 3040-01-502-9624 and is designed to engage the teeth or notches of a sector, quadrant, ratchet wheel, or similar parts. This part is pivoted such that the angle of approach to the engagement allows it to rest more firmly as the reverse load is increased. Pawls are sometimes spring loaded to create a stronger engagement. The parts in Federal Supply Class 3040 are key in the successful and reliable operation of a transmission. If you need a source for the highest quality transmission parts for aerospace, aviation, and defense industries, NSN Supplies is here to help.

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