As marvels of engineering, aircraft engines create the power necessary to lift aircraft into the sky and keep them soaring there. Moreover, to suit diverse aircraft models, these sophisticated machines come in various types, including jet engines, turboprops, and piston engines, each with its unique characteristics and applications. In this blog, we will focus on the basic components that comprise piston engines in particular, those of which are also known as reciprocating engines, to better understand how they create force.

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When one is operating a Cessna, Piper, or other small aircraft with a conventional aero gas engine, there will most likely be a mixture control element present in the cockpit. With this control, pilots have the ability to adjust the fuel-and-air ratio in the carburetor, as well as stop the engine when the flight concludes. While some aircraft will automatically adjust mixtures, others may provide manual control for the benefit of various flight operations and needs. In this blog, we will discuss the leaning of aircraft engines, that of which is when the amount of air in the mixture is higher than standard operating ratios.

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Within the realm of aviation, turbocharging systems are relied on for the augmentation of engines so that they may produce more power for flight. Developed specifically for use on aircraft, turbochargers can be traced back to experimental installations that were carried out during the 1920s. With such a device, manifold pressure can be maintained across any throttle setting, avoiding fluctuations as a result of ambient air pressure or other various factors. The turbocharging system consists of a few important components, all of which work together to enhance operations. In this blog, we will discuss turbocharging systems, allowing you to better understand their use and benefit for aviation applications.

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