How Cable Cutters Cut Cleanly

In the realm of aviation and electrical work, having the right tools in your toolbox can make all the difference. Whether you are dealing with electrical wires or aircraft cables, ensuring clean and precise cuts is essential to maintaining safety and reliability. One indispensable tool in this regard is the cable cutter, a versatile device designed to slice through cables cleanly and efficiently. In this blog, we will explore the art of cable cutting, the various tools available, and how to achieve fray-free results.

Choosing the Right Cable Cutter

Before we cover techniques, let us first discuss the importance of selecting the right cable cutter for the job. Not all cable cutters are created equal, and using the wrong one can lead to messy cuts and potential damages. Aircraft cables, in particular, demand precision due to their crucial role in flight safety.

The Cable Cutting Process

Once you have chosen the appropriate cable cutter for your task, it is time to master the art of cable cutting. Follow these steps for clean, fray-free results:

  • Prepare Your Workspace: Before you start, ensure your workspace is well-lit and organized. Lay out the cables you intend to cut, and make sure there are no obstacles or clutter that could interfere with the process.
  • Measure and Mark: Precision is key. Use a measuring tape or ruler to mark the precise length at which you need to cut the cable. This step is crucial, as it helps prevent errors that can lead to waste or rework.
  • Secure the Cable: Hold the cable securely in one hand, making sure it is taut and does not move during the cutting process. This stability is essential for achieving a clean cut.
  • Position the Cable Cutter: Place the cable cutter jaws over the marked cutting point and ensure that the cutter is aligned with the cable, that way your cut will be straight and even.
  • Apply Steady Pressure: With the cable cutter in position, use controlled, even pressure to make the cut. Avoid rushing or applying excessive force, as this can cause the cable to deform or fray.
  • Complete the Cut: Continue applying pressure until the cable cutter has sliced through the cable entirely. A quality cable cutter should make this process effortless, leaving you with a clean, precise cut.

Tools for Added Precision

In addition to cable cutters, there are other tools you can use to enhance your cable-cutting skills and ensure fray-free results:

  • Wire Stripper: A wire stripper is an invaluable tool for removing the outer insulation from electrical wires cleanly and without damaging the conductors within. This is especially useful when working on intricate electrical projects.
  • Channel Lock Pliers: Channel lock pliers can be used to grip and stabilize cables or wires, preventing them from moving during the cutting or stripping process. Their adjustable jaw width makes them versatile for various cable sizes.
  • Crimper: When dealing with electrical work, a crimper is essential for creating secure connections. It is used to attach connectors, terminals, or splices to the stripped ends of wires.


Mastering the art of clean cable cutting is a skill that can greatly benefit professionals in aviation, electrical work, and various other industries. By selecting the right cable cutter for the job, preparing your workspace, and following precise cutting techniques, you can achieve proper, reliable cuts that enhance safety and performance.

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