What is an Aircraft Turbosupercharger?

A turbosupercharger is a system that is installed on an aircraft in order to supply compressed air for the carburetor or engine control unit. The installed turbosupercharger and components are externally driven, powered by a turbine wheel assembly that is fed exhaust gases from the engine to conduct operations. For this reason, such devices have donned the title “superchargers”, though superchargers specifically refer to those that are able to produce a manifold pressure that is above 30” Hg. A typical turbosupercharger contains a compressor, turbine, and bearing assembly, all of which may be similar to that of a turbocharger. In this blog, we will discuss the various parts of the turbosupercharger and their functionality, as well as the difference between turbosuperchargers and standard turbochargers.

The turbine wheel of the turbosupercharger is vital for all operations, providing for the powering of other components. Power is achieved through the conversion of heat and pressure from exhaust gases into mechanical power. The internal combustion chamber of the engine ignites fuel and air mixtures to create hot, rapidly expanded gases for propulsion. As these gases travel throughout the system, they are forced through the turbine wheel assembly, causing the blades to spin at high speeds, reaching upwards of a quarter of a million rotations per minute. The energy of the spinning blades is then harnessed as power for other components, including the turbosupercharger compressor assembly.

The compressor assembly contains an impeller, diffuser, and casing. As the turbine wheel spins from the exhaust gases, the impeller blades are spun in unison. Air from the atmosphere is forced into the compressor via an opening in the compressor casing, and the impeller blades capture the air, increasing its velocity as it is directed towards the diffuser vanes. When the air travels along the diffuser vanes, the high velocity is transformed into pressure, increasing the mass and density of air for optimal fuel combustion. As oxygen at higher altitudes has a lower mass than that of sea level air, the compressor ensures efficient propulsion capabilities for flight.

With the many added benefits that the turbosupercharger brings to the aircraft engine, they mean nothing without proper fastening and assembly. The floating shaft bearing assembly is in place to mitigate thrust loads, reduce friction, and generally provide increased durability and performance to the system in its entirety. Aviation bearings are used in many areas of the turbosupercharger, such as ball bearings within the superturbocharger shaft assembly.

As stated earlier, the major difference between turbosuperchargers and standard turbochargers is the capability of turbosuperchargers to create a pressure that exceeds 30” Hg. Hg refers to a measurement of manifold vacuum pressure in inches of mercury. Within the realm of aviation, manifold pressure denotes the power that the engine produces by measuring inlet pressure. At sea level, the air within the atmosphere remains at a level of 29.92” Hg, which is what most turbochargers aim to reach when compressing air at higher altitudes. With a pressure exceeding 30”, the engine can achieve boosted horsepower, increasing the performance of the aircraft. Therefore, a turbosupercharger simply produces a greater power output than the turbocharger with increased compression.

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