Drone and UAV Propellers

A propeller is a device used to transform rotary motion into linear thrust. On drones, also known as UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles, propellers create lift by spinning and creating an airflow which results in a difference in pressure at the top and bottom of the propeller surfaces. This pressure difference accelerates a mass of air in one direction, thereby providing lift to counteract the forces of gravity.

Drones with multiple rotors, such as hexacopters, octocopters, and quadcopters, have propellers arranged in pairs, both spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise to create balance. Alteration of the speed of the propellers allow the drones to hover, ascend, descend, or change their yaw, pitch, and roll. The speed at which a propeller moves is controlled by the amount of voltage being supplied to the propeller’s motor. This process is controlled by an Electronic Speed Controller, or ESC. The signal is fed to the ESC by the drone’s flight controller, which relays inputs sent by the human pilot or the autopilot system. The drone may also take into account inputs from an IMU (Inertial Measurement System), GPS, or another type of sensor.

VTOL (virtual takeoff and landing) UAVs combine VTOL capabilities with the standard forward propulsion of a fixed-wing UAV. Many VTOL UAVs also feature rotary lift propellers incorporated into the wings of the aircraft, which transition after takeoff for forward flight. Propeller manufacturers list measurements in the terms A x B (4 x 10, etc.). The first number, A, refers to the total length of the propeller, while the second number, B, refers to the pitch. The pitch is related to the angle of the propeller and is defined by how far the propeller will move forward under standard conditions.

Short propellers require less energy to reach a certain speed, and their reduced inertia makes them easier to control and faster to change speed. Long propellers generate more life and offer greater stability while hovering, but consume more power. If a propeller has a high pitch, it will provide more lift than a flat blade and allow the drone to fly faster, but will also require more power and therefore drain the drone’s battery very quickly. Heavy-lifting drones require long propellers with small pitch, because they prioritize stability over speed and must be able to carry large batteries to account for the increased payload.

Drone propellers are most commonly constructed with two, three, or four blades. Those with more blades will provide greater lift due to the increased surface area, but are more inefficient thanks to increased drag. Smaller drones with minimal battery life are ideal for propellers with fewer blades. Propeller blades are most commonly made from plastic or carbon fiber. Plastic propellers are less expensive and more flexible, allowing them to absorb impact better than rigid carbon fiber propellers. However, despite offering less durability, the stiffness of carbon fiber propellers also decreases vibration. This improved the flight performance of a drone and made it quieter. Furthermore, carbon fiber is also a much lighter option than plastic. Whatever drone or UAV configuration you are in need of, be sure you are getting them from a reliable source.

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