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Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are an incredibly versatile piece of technology in aviation industry. Their applications, both professionally and recreationally, are abundant. Aside from casual hobby use, they can be used in agriculture, architecture and construction, delivery, engineering, and many other fields. One way you might not expect to see drones used is in warehouses, where they assist with inventory management, turnover, and navigation.

In most warehouses, managing the inventory means scanning each individual piece of inventory for tracking and organizational purposes. Human employees are of course more than capable of doing this, but it can be incredibly time-consuming and inefficient. Drones speed up this process immensely, sometimes scanning barcodes and RFID tags up to 50 times faster than a human employee can.  

Another issue a lot of warehouses face is the high rate of employee turnover. Some facilities see turnover rates of up to 40%, meaning 40% of the workforce is leaving within a certain window of time. A drone obviously can not perform all of the tasks a human being is necessary for, but due to advance drone parts they can help to provide with inventory management and navigation contributes significantly to the void left by employee turnover.

Just as drones help in warehouse management, they also aid in warehouse navigation. It’s easy to look up a number or scan a code to locate inventory, but it still has to be physically picked out. With certain warehouse management software, drones can be programmed with a working map of the warehouse, allowing them to easily and efficiently lead an employee right to the correct spot. 

Because drones are taking on employee responsibilities, they also lower the frequency of workplace injury. Much of the work in warehouses involves tedious and repetitive work, as well as heavy lifting. Both of these can lead to injury. Automating these tasks reduces workplace injuries and creates a safer environment.

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