What are Types of Screws Used in Aviation Industry?

Fasteners are critical components in almost every mechanical application imaginable, serving to create solid but nonpermanent connections between different objects. Featuring an external threading on their shaft, and a head that is used to tighten the screw as it is driven between the two materials being joined together. Most types of screws do not use a washing nut or washer to attach objects together, and instead rely on the action of driving the screw through both objects to create a mechanical joint strong enough to hold them together. Some, however, are designed to mate with matching threaded components.

Screws come in numerous types, including:

  • Barrel screws: As part of a two-part fastening system, barrel screws are paired with “barrels,” cylindrical internally threaded nut components. The screw mates with the barrel and is tightened, securing objects together.
  • Cap screws: With heads like hex, filister, and more, and drives like hex socket and slotted, cap screws are used with tapped holes or threaded nuts. They are used primarily in machine assembly.
  • Captive screws: Captive screws are secured within the mating parts so that they stay with the mating parts when they are loosened. Captive screws are used primarily for securing panels and access ports that experience frequent removal and reinstallation.
  • Concrete screws: As their name implies, these are used to drill and hold concrete. Concrete screws are often coated with adhesives for better holding, or lubricant for easier driving as required.
  • Deck screws: Deck screws are unique in that the threads are larger in diameter than the shanks, and are used specifically for constructing wooden decks. These can easily drive through wood decking and secure the deck joists, and often have countersunk heads for flush finishing.
  • Machine screws: Featuring a fully-threaded shank, machine screws are secured into tapped holes, or with nuts. Like cap screws, they are used primarily in machine assembly.
  • Sheet metal screws: Featuring a sharp tip and threads, these screws can pierce and cut through sheet metal. These screws are used to bind sheet metal to other sheet metal components, but also for wood, fiberglass, plastic, and more. Sheet metal screws eliminate the need to pre-drill and align parts being assembled, quickening production time.
  • Thumb screws: Designed to be turned by hand rather than requiring a tool, thumb screws are used when a lower holding force is required, and for temporary use in applications. Thumb screws are available in various styles such as knurls and wings, and may have slotted or Philips style driving features tor tool usage.
  • Weld screws: Designed to be permanently attached to a metal surface by welding to form threaded protrusions on sheet metal and similar materials, weld screws are used to attach other items that are held with nuts.

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