How is Honeywell working to make Aviation safer?

Aviation industries are highly regulated, ensuring the utmost safety of operations and the personnel that carry them out. While various initiatives have been spearheaded by regulating bodies and governments, aviation manufacturers have also been making strides with high-caliber systems and components that have come about over the years. One such company that is noted for its endeavors to improve safety is Honeywell Aerospace, that of which is a subsidiary of the American company Honeywell International Inc. To help you better understand their efforts for aviation safety, we will discuss some examples of their useful technology.

When pilots are traversing the sky in an aircraft, it is crucial that they remain aware of any issues that are occurring across all systems. When sensors create a warning, the pilot may wonder if there is indeed a concern or if there is just a malfunction, and Honeywell has developed an Integral Health Monitoring (IHM) Series proximity sensor just for this. With their proximity sensors, sensor readings will be diagnosed to determine whether the issue is indeed a concern, or if it is a problem with the sensor itself.

Alongside awareness from sensors, pilots can also increase safety through bolstered visibility. Visibility may be deterred by a number of factors such as sun glare and fog, and losing visibility can easily lead to disaster during the final approach of the aircraft. With Honeywell’s SmartView synthetic vision technology, 3D rendering of forward terrain is established for pilots to use through the synthesization of flight information, inertial reference systems, and GPS systems.

Inertial measurement systems themselves are also a technology designed by Honeywell, and these come in the form of Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) that can gather information on location when GPS navigation is not possible or feasible. IMUs have the potential of supporting many autonomous flight endeavors, ensuring that they are able to maintain readings on their location when operating in dense environments and urban settings where people may be present.

While aviation accidents are exceedingly rare when compared to incidents associated with other methods of transportation, they can occur. When an accident happens, it is paramount that data from the aircraft is able to be secured and analyzed for the means of improving future endeavors. To ensure the integrity of crash-data, Honeywell has designed advanced cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) and Flight Data Recorders (FDRs) that are able to withstand a great amount of pressure and impact forces.

From holistic awareness capabilities to augmented reality, Honeywell has been exploring many avenues to bolster the capabilities of pilots, onboard systems, and much more. If you own and operate an aircraft, it may be beneficial to look into revamping systems with advanced technology that can bolster your safety capabilities. If you are interested in parts and products by Honeywell or other various industry leaders, NSN Supplies is your one-stop-shop with countless offerings ready for purchase at any time.

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