Types of Aircraft Hardware to Know

When building or maintaining an aircraft, it is always extremely important to be knowledgeable about the various components that make up the assembly. With good understanding of what different parts are and their functions, the better one can ensure that the parts that are in the aircraft are of utmost quality and are installed correctly to maintain optimal performance and safety. In this blog, we will give a short overview of a few common components that are used in many different aircraft assemblies.

  • Aircraft Rivets: Aviation rivet is a fastener that is permanently installed to a component in order to fasten together an assembly and typically features a head on one side of a shaft and a tail on the other. When the tail is passed through the hole of the component, the tail is often flattened to produce another head. This is to disable the rivet from being removed from either side of the assembly.
  • Aircraft Screws: Aircraft Screws are a type of fastener component that is similar to a bolt, though they fasten their designated materials through the use of an external thread that digs or wedges. Screws are designed to either mate with a threaded hole or nut to secure assemblies together. Within aviation, a screw may be used to fasten instruments or other components to each other.
  • Gaskets: Aviation Gaskets are components that serve as a mechanical seal to fill spaces between mating surfaces. Through compression, a gasket is utilized to prevent leakage both in and out of the conjoined parts. Gaskets may be used for applications such as piston systems where they are set between the engine block and cylinder head.
  • O-Rings: O-rings are a special type of torus shaped gasket that may be placed between two or more components to create a seal. O-rings are manufactured from elastomer and can create fluid or gas sealing through compression between two components. They often boast a sealing pressure of up to 5000 psi and due to being fairly cheap and easy to manufacture, they remain a popularly used seal.
  • Clamps: Aircraft clamps are a component that is often utilized to fasten small pipes or tubing to various surfaces. They are also used for management and mounting of cable and wire systems. Within aviation, clamps are implemented for temporary or permanent situations to protect the materials they are attached to and are typically found in either the wings or fuselage.

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